SEX - a positive guide

SEX - a positive guide

net art, sex art, online 1997-2006
revisited and restored as a fully operational offline version 2016

You can't make it unpopular... A positive guide about pleasure, being informed and asking questions, encompassing drag kings, macho sluts, new fiction and performers, artists and writers from japan's Midori to Pat Califia.

SEX – a positive guide is on view at the exhibition 'Sex in Vienna - Desire. Controll. Transgression' at Wien Museum Karlsplatz,, from September 15, 2016, until January 22, 2017, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the web-site formerly known as

The exhibition is accompanied by a comprehensive catalogue, catch a glimpse.

For information regarding the restoration of the web-site, go here.
To view the video sexflexnetz, an audiovisual re-mix of the web site, go here.
A couple of screenshots are here.
Photos from the installation at Wien Museum are here.

Christina Goestl
sex [at]